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San Juan Compression Natural Gas International Wellhead Compressor exporting around the world

San Juan Compression's International Wellhead Compressor Units are used to boost the gas pressure on well sites and send gas and oil down the line to a separating station. Our all-in-one skid mounted solutions are designed with efficiency in mind and result in getting the most out of each and every well. The International Wellhead Compressor is designed with location in mind and the knowledge that most of these units are in hard to reach locations. We design every unit to be as self-sufficient as possible, making for the most uptime possible. Our engineering team will work with you to make sure that every solution is catered to your specific needs.

Gas Driven Wellhead Compressor

Gas Drive w/ LeRoi Rotary Screw

350, 454, 454 H.O., 466 T.A.



  • LeRoi

    • Heavy-duty construction

    • Ranges from 20 to 350 PSIG

    • Integral gearing

    • Longer bearing life

    • Variable VI/internal porting



  • Non-Certified Engines meet 2012 Emission specs (1/2 gram p/bhp/hr)

  • Containment over 1-1/2 times skid fluid volume



  • On skid separation

  • Gas Metering

  • Flow Bypass 

LeROI Gas Compressor Logo
San Juan Compression Export Achievement Certificate

Cooling System - KIM-KOOL

  • Rugged, all steel construction

  • OEM replacements and custom units

  • After-coolers internally coated

Control Panel - Murphy​​​

  • Centurion C4 Control Panel

  • Digital tachometer/hour meter

  • Required pressure and temperature sensors

  • Weatherproof enclosure

  • Can be Class 1 and Division II rated

  • Automation available 

  • RS485 Mod Bus Communication Port

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