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San Juan Compression Natural Gas Vapor Recover Unit VRU for Flash Gas

Vapor Recovery Units, or VRUs, are designed to capture the flash gas from storage tanks or vapor recovery towers. With the capture of these flash gasses, your company will increase profits as well as help preserve the environment. We start with our design process. We are aware of the need to be efficient and environmentally conscience. From our skid design to our use of only top of the line parts and components, you can feel comfortable that we will meet the standards you require. 

30 HP Vapor Recovery Unit
30 HP Vapor Recovery Unit
50 HP Vapor Recovery Unit
60 HP Vapor Recovery Unit
75 HP Vapor Recovery Unit

    10HP          30HP          50HP          60HP​         75HP

Electric Motor - Teco Westinghouse & Siemens

  • HP Range from 10 - 700 HP

  • 60 Hz Nema Premium Efficient

  • Class 1 Div II rated

  • 3 Phase 480 V



  • LeRoi

  • RO-FLO

  • Quincy

  • Nace Trim available

  • Heavy-duty construction

  • Suction Ranges up to 1000 PSIG

  • Discharge Ranges from 20 to 3000 PSIG



  • Zero Emission w/ Electric Motor

  • Containment over 1-1/2 times skid fluid volume

Cooling System - KIM-KOOL

  • Rugged, all steel construction

  • OEM replacements and custom units

  • After-coolers internally coated

Control Panel

  • Siemens Controls

  • Schneider Electric

  • IDEC Controls

  • AllenBradley PLC

  • HMI Touchscreen Control Center

  • Variable Frequency Drive or Soft Starter

  • Auto-start Function available

  • RS485 Mod Bus Communication Port

  • Ethernet Mod Bus Communication Port

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