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San Juan Compression Natural Gas International Wellhead Compressor exporting around the world
San Juan Compression Natural Gas Wellhead Compressor
San Juan Compression Natural Gas Vapor Recover Unit VRU for Flash Gas


Compressor Diversity

We manufacture a large variety of natural gas compressors here at San Juan Compression. Our wellhead compressors and/or Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) Utilize a Rotary Screw or Reciprocating Compressor. We will do our best to make sure that we have a compressor to fit your needs by making sure that we have as many different types of compressors as possible.

Industry Standards

Safety is a priority. All of our units conform to the latest edition of ASME, ANSI, API, AWS, CFR and NFPA specifications. This is a San Juan Compression standard that you can rely upon.


Unique Guarantee

Although seemingly simple, our diligent and effective manufacturing steps and checks have placed San Juan Compression in a league of its' own. Due to these processes, we lead the industry in committing to a 98% run-time guarantee* for every unit we manufacture! This unique guarantee is something we take great pride in and our customers find great relief in.

*On SJC Units w/ SJC Service Package


Contractor Networks

As a commitment to improving our network, San Juan Compression belongs to the following marketplaces.

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